Solo Creative were commissioned to produce a contemporary short film showing the brewery’s process to encourage sales amongst resellers abroad and demonstrate to potential markets the capabilities of the company, without the customers needing to visit the brewery themselves.

The markets our client are attaching themselves to are significant, and it was important to present their facility in as best a light as possible whilst remaining true to the ethos of the organisation. A micro brewery, by its very nature, is a tight working environment. Time was also of the essence as a first sales pitch had been set in Scandinavia.

With a two camera unit crew, we set about capturing the brewery. The whole process had to be covered but the finished result had to be a concise and engaging piece. Editing would play its part, but first the right footage had to be shot.

Working in tandem throughout the day, our crew sought out the best imagery and created studies of the people that worked there, people that cared about what they produced. It was good to work with others that shared our passion for excellence.

Promotional Video