Solo Creative were asked to take a different look at how showhomes might be presented online. The marketing mix for a wide range of industry sectors is rapidly changing and the inclusion of film content, typically viewed online, has become an essential part of that mix.

Solo Creative have a very creative, yet sales focussed approach to our work and are building a growing reputation for being able to produce content that works on a number of levels, whether that be increasing our client’s sales, engaging and entertaining their customer base or enhancing their reputation within the market.

Pushing the possibilities of what can be achieved is something we’re always interested in. We explored the use of sound, colour and tone tests to produce a final result for our client that was to give the viewer a perfect reflection of just how good a Cala Home can be.

The product is outstanding which allowed us maximum creative freedom. We managed to convey the space and quality that these homes offer in an aesthetic and meaningful way. Great film content for exceptional houses.

Promotional Video